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20 Dollar Tuesday's are Here!

Growler fill and a Take & Bake Pizza

All. Winter.


COVID-19 Updates

In response the the current retail environment, we have adjusted our operating hours

6:30 AM to 8 PM Daily

We have implemented enhanced sanitary measures to ensure safety for both our customers and staff

We appreciate your support through these trying times 

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An update to our loyal friends, customers and staff
We are taking the growing concerns of the Coronavirus very seriously, and have put together the following course of action to keep our community and staff members safe in the weeks to come...
We will be implementing the following protocol to ensure the upmost safety in our business
-We will be reducing our daily hours of operationto enable our staff to meticulously clean and sanitize the entire store
-Heightened Disinfection Response, we will be continuously sanitizing all frequent touch surfaces through the store, including but not limited to gas pump handles, POS screens, service counters, door handles, work surfaces, coffee air pots, telephones,etc.
-We will no longer be able to offer public restrooms to the public
-We discourage the use of reusable coffee mugs, please use the disposable cups we provide
-We are encouraging any staff member that may feel they are showing any signs of illness to stay home for the appropriate quarantine timeline as recommended by the CDC
-Our cashiers will be using disposable gloves for all cash transactions to reduce person to person contact
-We will be closing the store to foot traffic and will have an order window to reduce contact
-We will be offering full service fuel fill ups, carside pick up and delivery for all your grocery and take out food needs.

What we ask of our customers

-Don’t panic, look up how this virus travels on the CDC website, truth may help appease many anxieties caused by social media memes
-Use common sense, if you are sick, or at a high risk of becoming sick, please stay home for the well-being of the entire community
Here at Boutin’s Market we have always prided ourselves on the facts that “We’re here for your convenience ”, and this latest pandemic is simply our time more than ever to make this statement resonate in our community. With any further questions or comments please private message our page.
Thank you for standing by our side through this, and we look forward to proving our worth to our community.
The Boutin Family
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